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Whether you are still early in your journey considering solo motherhood, you are currently trying to conceive, you are now pregnant or solo parenting a donor conceived child, come and join our membership to find support, resources and a sense of community.

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Hi, I’m Mel!

I’m the UK’s first and only Solo Parenthood Coach.

I founded The Stork and I following my own personal journey to solo motherhood. I’m a solo mum (single mother by choice) to my 5 year old daughter.

I work with women from around the world who are single and keen to ensure they don’t miss out on parenthood.

My coaching practise is dedicated to providing support and advice to single women at every stage of their journey. I’ve coached 1000s of women on this subject and I’ve grown a like minded community full of amazing women who are all here to help and support each other.

The Stork and I Membership is a community for those of us looking to thrive as we progress through this amazing journey of solo parenthood.

Mel Johnson - Solo Motherhood Coach and founder of The Stork and I

Thriving Solo Membership


    Members-only podcast with exclusive episodes about solo parenting


    Monthly community connection call to connect with other members and build your solo mum tribe


    Access to a community (using online platform Mighty Networks) of solo mums for chats, discussions, support and advice


    In-person events to join throughout the year


    A library of past online events and webinars with experts on a variety of useful solo motherhood topics


    Downloadable resources and signpost to useful information


    Access to discounts on The Stork and I courses

    There will be relevant content for people at all stages of the journey to solo motherhood.

    The membership site is designed to go alongside The Stork and I Group Coaching Courses. If you would prefer to attend a group coaching course you can find more information here.

    Here’s a peek inside the membership…

    This is just some of the content available inside Thriving Solo! We have a large library of on-demand webinars and podcast episodes, downloads, recommended books/podcasts/blogs, recommended products and services, and exclusive partners and offers.

    Some webinars are also available for one-off purchase here.

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        This membership is for you if:


          You’ve decided that solo motherhood by donor conception is for you, but still have some hesitation, fears or doubts


          You’ve embraced the decision to begin the journey towards solo motherhood and you’d like support along the way


          You are a solo mum or on the journey to become one, but you can’t help but keep comparing to how it would have been with a partner


          You feel isolated and crave connection with others who truly understand how you feel


          You want to embrace your best solo motherhood life and design your life in a way that allows your to thrive


          You want to meet an amazing community of solo mums to connect with


          You want to ensure you are keeping up to date on all the latest research and thinking on donor conception and solo motherhood

          Frequently asked questions

          Is this only for people based in the UK?
          No, the content will be relevant for anyone based anywhere in the world but most of the calls will be carried out at 8pm GMT. As more people join from different countries, I will adjust the times to try to suit everyone.
          How long do you have to sign up for?

          I’d love for you to sign up on an ongoing basis as there will be new relevant content on a monthly basis, but you can cancel your subscription at any time.

          Will I be able to remain anonymous?

          Yes, you don’t have to turn on your camera in any of the calls or use your real name if you’d like to remain anonymous.

          What stage of solo motherhood is the membership aimed at?

          It is for anyone at any stage from considering, to trying to conceive, pregnant to parenting solo. 

          How do I cancel my membership?

          The monthly memberships renew automatically. If you’d like to cancel your membership, please email at least one week before your membership renews.

          Join Thriving Solo

          Only £2.99 per month