Experiencing Loss as a Solo Mum


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As part of our Resilience theme for August, Mel spoke to Lucy Mills on the topic of loss and experiencing loss as a solo Mum.

Lucy lives in South Wales with her two fur babies. She made the decision to become a solo mum by choice in early 2021, after the breakdown of her relationship. She’s had four rounds of IUI using donor sperm – two of which were successful but one sadly ended in a missed miscarriage just before Christmas 2021 and the other ended in a chemical pregnancy in February 2022.  She is now mid-way through her first IVF cycle now (June 2022).

The loss of her pregnancies hit her harder than she ever thought possible and it was the first time on her path to motherhood that she ever truly felt alone, with no partner to support her in the darkest hours. She started her anonymous Instagram account (@smbc_to_be) in August 2021 to document her journey. She has found it to be a huge source of hope, support and kindness through the best and worst of times.

She is honest and open about all aspects of her TTC journey in the hope that it will help others on the same path.