Confidence to implement gentle parenting when society has a different view – with Aisha @trustingchildren


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In this webinar, Mel Johnson spoke to Aisha from @trustingchildren about all things Gentle Parenting.

Contrary to what some people think, gentle parenting is not the easy way out. For many of us it is going against what we know, how we were brought up or what we are told to do by society. We get challenged often, by other adults and by our children and sometimes it might feel like we’re getting nowhere, like it’s not working.

Aisha is a parent mentor and educator, the founder of Trusting Children and host of Trusting Children Podcast. After working with young children as a nursery teacher and leader for over 12 years, Aisha realised that it’s parents who need support and that became her focus and passion over the last 4 years. Through 1:1 mentoring and group coaching programmes she helps parents who are stuck in ‘survival mode’ to see the beauty and joy that being a parent really brings.

If you’re feeling frustrated or overwhelmed in your parenting, not sure how to respond to your child’s big emotions, Aisha can help. She will build up your confidence, empower you to believe in yourself and equip you with respectful & positive tools to create a more peaceful relationship with your children and bring calm and joy into your home.

As a parent of 3 herself, she understands the busy and sometimes chaotic day-to-day life with children which means all her advice is streamlined, easy to implement and manageable.