Helping our children get good sleep – with Tori @thisparentcan


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In this webinar, Mel spoke to Tori from @thisparentcan about all things sleep!

As solo parents the one thing that is often top of our mind is getting good sleep and to allow that to happen we must ensure that our children get good sleep!

Tori talked to us about how we can try to facilitate that to happen.

Tori is a fully qualified infant sleep consultant, specialising from newborn to 5 years, a maternity practitioner and baby massage instructor. Tori is also a member of the ipsa (International Pediatric Sleep Association).

Also a Mummy of 3; Freddie 4 and Matilda 2 and Florence who is very nearly one, she completely understands how amazing, but incredibly overwhelming this parenting journey is.

Tori’s approach as a baby sleep consultant is to provide parents with all the knowledge and confidence they need to be able to teach their baby how to be an independent sleeper. A skill for life. By working this way, she doesn’t swoop in and offer a “bandaid” solution. Instead, Tori ensures parents have the tools they need to help their little one sleep well throughout their infant years, into childhood and beyond.